Bio Concepts is proud to run the "Cherish the Future" program. There are many children in our local communities that do not have the means to be able to access complementary healthcare assistance, which may be of great value to their condition. Whilst we can’t look after every child needing help, we can certainly reach out and help as many as we can. With like minded health professionals, Bio Concepts is proud to be the driver of this program and wholeheartedly supports AAAF. www.bioconcepts.com.au

Learn to Shine in Forrest Hill offers a family-centred approach to helping children with specific needs. They provide intensive psychology and speech pathology intervention services to children and adolescents with developmental, intellectual, behavioural, emotional and social needs. For Victorians (Psychologists can travel to the family) and for clinic based services we operate from the Eastern suburbs.

Programs are tailored to the individual needs of the child and parents are supported to educate their child at home and in the community. www.learntoshine.com.au

The Behavioural Neurotherapy Clinic in Doncaster specialises in the assessment and treatment of children with ADHD, Autism and other Neurodevelopmental disorders. The clinic staff believe in the need to address the root causes and not just treat the symptoms of these disorders. Modalities used are individualised diet and nutrition, Biomedical treatment, Behavioural therapy (ABA, PRT), Psychological interventions. Speech pathology and OT is an integral part of treatment whenever required. www.adhd.com.au www.autism.net.au

Australian Autism ADHD Foundation

2/314 Manningham Rd Doncaster VIC 3108 Australia
E-mail: info@autism-adhd.org.au

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