We aim to influence Government departments to acknowledge that research indicates that effective treatment for Autism and ADHD require more than stimulant medication and behaviour modification. Although there are genetic predispositions, these do not explain the huge rise in these disorders. The structure and function of all cells are the result of interactions between genes, nutrients and lifestyle factors. Hence, recent research points to environmental factors such as diet, nutrition, lifestyle , toxins in the food chain and in the air we breathe as being responsible for Autism, ADHD and most modern diseases.

AdvocacyIt is not good enough for authorities to ignore that our modern diet, poor in nutrients and high in food colourings, additives and preservatives is largely responsible for modern diseases.

We also will approach and lobby politicians with the view of getting policies and legislation changed, to reflect the need to reduce dietary and nutrient factors that are known to be associated with Autism, ADHD neurodevelopmental disorders and modern diseases.

We aim to collect the existing research and extend this body of knowledge further by conducting our own research to further support these views. By repeatedly presenting this information to mainstream media, TV, newspapers and magazines, we hope to raise public awareness, thus putting pressure on politicians to make changes.

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