Marion Barnes

Marion is a Writer, a Behavioural Therapist and a Community Volunteer/Organiser. She believes every child deserves to be happy, healthy and safe, and she advocates providing support to families in need.

Secretary: Helen Salter

Helen Salter has dedicated her professional life to working with children with Autism. She runs Learn and Shine, a company that specialises in ABA (PRT) Autism treatment. As a Psychologist, she believes in educating parents to best support their children to reach their full potential in life. Furthermore, making learning fun for a child is the essential component in aiding a child's development. Helen is committed to ensuring all children have immediate access to the educational services to benefit the individual, the family and community.

Treasurer: Patricia Franklin

Pat Franklin left a rewarding career in a large IT corporation to work as the office administrator at the Behavioural Neurotherapy Clinic, a specialist Autism and ADHD clinic. Her ability to multitask and organise the office is legendary

President: Dr Jacques Duff

Dr Jacques Duff is a Psychologist, Clinical Neuroscientist and Nutritionist. He has been the driving force behind the formation of the Foundation and he believes that the root causes of these childhood disorders should be addressed as a matter of urgency before more of our children and their families are affected.

Australian Autism ADHD Foundation

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